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The Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), grown on a blend of 42 organic herbs in a sustainable, eco-friendly environment, is one of the most interesting natural substances in the modern world. This fungi possesses over 800 known active biomolecules. Reishi is known to support the immune system, healthy blood circulation, digestion, metabolism and detoxification of the liver and kidneys. Studies have indicated additional potential benefits such as tumor reduction and lessening the side effects of chemotherapy. Happy Healing Reishi Spore Oil is the most exclusive form of Reishi available on the market today.

A translucent golden oil, extracted directly from cracked-shell spores by advanced CO2 supercritical extraction technology, Happy Healing Reishi Spore Oil takes traditional Reishi a step further. With no added ingredients and no fillers, this oil is the concentrated essence of all the lipid-soluble substances contained in Reishi spores, including all triterpenes and nucleosides. Each softgel (500 mg) contains at least 150 mg of triterpenes, the most potent active constituent of Reishi. It is extremely concentrated, while easily absorbed by the body. 

Every 500 mg softgel of our Reishi Spore Oil contains the concentrated and pure essence of 2 pounds of Reishi mushrooms. Our Reishi Spore Oil is certified USDA organic, non GMO and the only one on the US market that is grown and prepared with a patented process known as Junaco technology. This same Reishi is grown on a blend of organic herbs instead of rotting tree logs or oats. This greatly broadens the benefits because not only does Reishi have multiple health benefits on its own, but Junaco technology also captures the healing benefits of all 42 of the herbs which it is grown on.

Others offer similar products at a largely expensive price per pill because it is extremely expensive to make. We want this amazing product to be more attainable to our customers so we offer double the amount for half the price. Experience the difference today and remember, this is strong medicine. We recommend that you start slowly and allow your body to adjust to it by taking just 1 capsule every other day then building to the high therapeutic dosage of 2 capsules daily.

Happy healing!


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