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Effective deworming is critical to help protect animals against potentially deadly internal parasites. Parasites can cause dangerous infestations that affect the major organs of the animal causing life threatening conditions. Consider the definition of the word parasite. A parasite is any organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense. All animals have parasites to a certain extent but keeping them regularly treated and free from infection is the key to your animal’s health and longevity. Although removal of these parasites is vitally important, it can be difficult to treat certain types infestations safely. Parasites can become quite at home in the body of your animal and do not want to leave. How a dewormer removes parasites from the animal (known as it’s mode-of-action) plays an important role in establishing efficacy and safety.

What Does Fenbendazole Do?

Fenbendazole, the active ingredient in Fenben™, is different and that’s what makes it special than other medications. Fenben™ has a unique mode-of-action that makes a toxic environment to even the most dangerous parasites. And yet it remains very safe to its animal host. Fenbendazole creates a gentle slow saturation of the molecule within the animal that is able to penetrate deep enough in the most difficult places. Fenben™ acts as a larvicidal treatment for stubborn L3 and L4 small strongyles and why it is also effective against the Ivermectin resistant ascarids.

How It Works On A Cellular Level

To understand how this is possible, let’s dive deep into the cells of the parasite. All animal cells contain structures called microtubules. It is here where fenbendazole binds to the beta tubulin within the cells of the parasite. This potent disruption inhibits the parasite’s ability to produce energy; starving the parasite until it dies. Fenbendazole is unique because it is more attracted to parasite beta tubulin than that of the animal being treated. This means the animal cells are not destroyed along with the parasite. This is why fenbendazole is so effective, yet safe. This makes Fenben™ safe for many animal species and it has also been proven safe for the environment. The science of fenbendazole is what makes Fenben™ a great choice for effective and safe treatment of the most dangerous animal internal parasites.

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