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Happy Healing is your USA trusted source of fenbendazole. We have been providing quality Fenben® products to our thousands of happy customers since 2016. This is REAL fenbendazole that works as it has been scientifically proven to work. Please Note: label artwork and label colors vary.

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Happy Healing introduces the first product in it’s new Fenben Botanicals line.

These products use the power of fenbendazole along with other targeted ingredients to help heal acute or chronic skin conditions. Fenben Botanicals Salve is a hand crafted blend of Fenben, sulfathiazole, cold pressed organic cottonseed oil and oil of oregano. It is both anti microbial and antifungal and works wonders on skin disorders, lesions, infections, outbreaks and itchy rashes.

Amount/ Container: 2 ounces




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