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Understanding Fenben® | Happy Healing Inc.

Parasites are often thought to be the underlying cause for disease, Therefore, it’s important to learn about them in hopes of preventing infection. Disease causing parasites are often found in pastures, crops, large open fields and even smaller lawns. They find their way from these environments into animal’s intestinal tracts most often through the oral consumption of infected substances. However, they can move through vectors such as flies or mosquitoes which frequently carry pathogens. Once these parasites are inside the animal, we need to take dramatic measures to get them out.

The goal of taking fenben is a three-part approach. Firstly, we take control of parasite egg shredding and contamination around the environment. Secondly, we eliminate enough of said parasitic harm to prevent the onset of widespread disease. Lastly, we maintain or improve how effective the fenben will be for the future. While many drugs go through constant iterations and improvements, it seems that fenben has taken on time – and so far, won.

For more than six decades Fenben has been working hard to fight these parasites at a cellular level. As Fenben is absorbed into the body, it reacts with the microtubule. This binds directly to the beta-tubulin blocking the ability for further energy production by the parasites. This blockage causes starvation for the live parasites, causing them to die. The fascination with Fenben is the way it’s attracted to its target. It does a very great job at identifying the issue at hand, killing what is necessary and only what is necessary while not affecting healthy cells and tissues. This is one of the main reasons why it is so highly sought after for treatment in animals. In addition, Fenben is not rapidly metabolized, dramatically improving the length of efficacy of the medication when it is taken.

After the medication is given you should regularly monitor stool samples for the parasites as they die and are expelled from the body. While there is not a “one-size fit all” for Fenben, the best option is to give it a chance and monitor closely the outcomes as they happen.

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