What is CBD and why is it beneficial?

What is CBD and why is it beneficial?

I am so glad you asked! CBD is the abbreviated version of Cannabidiol – the second most active ingredient of cannabis. Wait! This is the interesting part. When most people hear the word “cannabis” they immediately assume it means marijuana, which is a common misconception floating throughout the little known CBD industry. CBD actually is a derivative that comes from the cousin plant of Marijuana – hemp. Being that it is a derivative of one component prevalent in the Marijuana plant, you shouldn’t expect to get a “high” while using CBD. There does appear however to be many benefits that come from using CBD.

The Benefits of CBD

There are many examples of CBD Oils having a positive effect for users. There have been proven examples in children that deal with epilepsy, specifically Dravet Syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). In other examples we have seen dramatic decreases in anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain for many people. In one study from the European Journal of Pain, the oils prevalent in cannabidiol are believed to decrease pain levels and inflammatory responses caused by arthritis or other degenerative conditions. While these are just a few examples of positive occurrence relate to CBD, there are many others that can be found with a quick Google Search.

CBD Safety

Like with any medication, your body may respond to it in different ways than others. Some of the noted side effects are nausea, feeling more tired than usual, and the urge to keep moving around. Is CBD everything you’d expect? The truth is that it will most likely have different reactions for each person taking it. While there is a general understanding of what the desired outcome for the product may be, it will be on a case-by-case basis that we understand the individual effects for each user.

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