Which FENBEN® is right for you?

Are you confused as to which Happy Healing Fenben product to choose?

We completely understand.

Basically all are good options because all Happy Healing Fenben is batch lab tested to make sure it has the correct amount of fenbendazole in it. Additionally our Fenben products are tested to make sure they are clean and safe without harmful heavy metals, molds or microbes. None of our competitors do this but we do because we genuinely care about our customers and their animals.

Here we will discuss the 3 main different preparations of Happy Healing Fenben and the differences to help our customers decide.

FENBEN® Tablets

Happy Healing Fenben Tablets come in strengths of 222mg, 300mg or
500mg. These different strengths are available to accommodate different desired dosages. These are easy to use and can be swallowed whole or chewed. They have no real taste so they are easy to hide by breaking them up a bit and putting in your animal’s food. They are fat soluble meaning fat helps them break down and be absorbed. We usually recommend that they be taken with any meal that has a significant amount of fat in it.

Prices are very reasonable because you are getting 100 doses in each bottle. The higher the strength, the more expensive they are but the more you get for your money. Benefits are ease of use and they have been around for a long time with a good track record of helping thousands of customers and their animals.

They move through the intestinal tract before being absorbed into the bloodstream so they benefit the gut greatly. Studies have shown that the gut can actually train the immune system so if you want a healthy body and healthy immune response, a healthy gut is absolutely necessary.
Fenben Tablets contain: fenbendazole plus excipients.

Excipients are things that make the medication work better and enable for them to be formed. The excipients in these tablets are: Magnesium Stearate, Dextrin and Cornstarch.

All tablets weigh about 1 gram. The 222 mg tablets contain 222 mg of fenbendazole with 778 mg of excipients. The 300 mg tablets contain 300 mg fenbendazole and 700 mg of excipients. The 500 mg tablets contain 500 mg of fenbendazole and 500 mg of excipients.


Fenben Pure is the only 100% pure pharmaceutical grade fenbendazole powder on the market.

This is the most economical choice because you only need to use a tiny bit. Each scoop is approximately 1/8 tsp and 300 mg of pure fenbendazole. There are 166 scoops in the bottle or 50 grams.

The only drawback is that because it is not “prepared” into a formula for absorption, you must add something to it yourself.

Real Fenbendazole by itself is completely anhydrous, meaning that it does not dissolve in water at all. If you were to put a teaspoon of it in plain water and stir vigorously the product would still be completely dry and balled up on top of the water. Real Fenbendazole is instead fat soluble. If you take that teaspoon of the powder and put it in an ounce or two of oil and stir it, it would become completely dissolved.

As a general rule, anything that is water soluble is quickly and readily absorbed into the body whereas fat soluble thing STILL absorb but they do so slowly and lower down in the digestive tract.

Fenben Pure should be dissolved prior to use. You can dissolve it in a tablespoon of oil which will absorb slowly through the intestines or you can make it more bioavailable and instantly absorbed by adding DMSO.

For DMSO you don’t need a tablespoon. Just use about 5-10 drops added to the small scoop of powder, mash it up. The pasty mixture will then be water soluble so you can add any food or liquid to that paste and it should all dissolve with some vigorous stirring.

Fenben Pure by itself is pretty tasteless yet if you add oil or DMSO it will taste like those things. The taste of DMSO is not the best so add the mixture to something that might mask it.

Fenben Pure is probably the most effective topical treatment as well if DMSO is added to soak it into the skin. It works great on hot spots or lesions on your animal’s skin.


This is the newest version of fenbendazole out there. It’s available in powder that comes with a scoop or in capsules.

Excipients in Fenben Bio are: Poloxymer 188, b-cyclodextrin and anhydrous glucose. These are all FDA approved excipients and together with fenbendazole they make it work deeper and faster. This Fenben does NOT need fat or DMSO to absorb.

The only problem is that it tastes like medicine. It is salty/bitter. Therefore you will want to put it in something to hide the taste, put it into capsules or just buy it already in capsules.

For the powder, each scoop weighs approximately 1 gram and contains 222 mg of fenbendazole and 778 mg of excipients. You add 1 scoop to whatever you can get that hides the taste. There are 50 grams or 50 servings per bottle.

For the capsules, 2 capsules weigh about 1 gram which again contains 222 mg of fenbendazole and 778 mg of excipients. There are 60 capsules or 30 servings per bottle.

Studies have shown that the optimal ratio of excipients to fenbendazole is approximately 1:4.

In case you’re confused… Here’s another way to look at it.

Fenben Bio can be considered more of an “instant release”. On the other end of the spectrum the Fenben Tablets are like an “extended release”. The Fenben Pure is for purists and for those on a tight budget that don’t mind mixing their own medicine

Which is right for me?

We feel that the ideal solution is to use more than just one preparation of fenbendazole. We need all the possible benefits of each. Changing it up and splitting dosage between at least 2 different preparations increases the odds of it working throughout the body’s systems.


If you are treating your dog for a serious systemic illnesses and have decided to give him 300 mg of fenbendazole daily then you could use 1/2 scoop of Fenben Bio (150 mg) in the morning and 1/2 Fenben Tablet 300 mg (150 mg) at night. That way he would be getting 150 mg morning and 150 mg night totaling 300 mg AND he would be getting the benefits of both formulas.

We hope this above information helps our customers make educated decisions about their choice of fenbendazole. You can’t go wrong with any of the preparations because they are all great but each has specific benefits so they can fit into the needs of many.