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The Happiness Lifestyle

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.” While that is true, we still have so much potential for happiness the majority of the time. Being happy, chemically, is the effect of dopamine in your body. It fires off your neurotransmitters at light speeds and the feeling of ease and happiness take over your body. Some describe it as “pure bliss,” others “euphoric.”

Whatever it is for you, you can tell when you’re happy.
What is interesting about happiness is that the release of dopamine is differently triggered for each person. That means that being happy can be attributed to your likes or interests. To go into it deeper – when you start to align your life with what your specific interests are, you will notice you are happy more often. If you are wondering how you can align your life with your interests, or how to cheat the happiness system, this is the right article for you.

Below are 8 habits you can add to your day to improve your happiness.
Enjoy, and remember it’s up to you to be happy!


Exercising on a regular basis is known to improve feelings of anxiety, symptoms of depression and regulate stress levels. Start with a simple 15 minute walk, then maybe a ¼ mile jog, and continue to build up. Whatever you do, exercise is a very important part to your overall happiness.


While we’ve always heard that getting eight hours of sleep is useful, that may not be 100% accurate for you. Getting enough sleep to be well rested is enough. That means that some days you might need 6 and others you may need 9. Sleep acts as a bodily reset and is proven to help individuals mood.

Take opportunities to make other happy

This one might be a bit high-level, but it is understood that if you are doing things that make other people happy, you will be too. By provide others with the dopamine to spark their neurotransmitters, you recognize the happiness and it often leads to a similar response for you.

Learn to channel stress

Stress is no joke. When you are stressed, you might sweat, have trouble breathing, overthink things, etc. If you can find the way to channel your stress (creativity, exercise, etc.) you will be able to avoid being stressed and open up more opportunities to be happy.

Make time for what you love

This is an easy one. You love doing these things and they make you happy. Why wouldn’t you find more time for them? It may be once a day or once a week, but make these a priority and you will notice that these are the moments you live for.

Disconnect from the negativity on the internet

The internet is very harsh on individuals. There is so much consumable information, and let’s face it – negativity. Detaching yourself from the internet and finding other things to fill your time really makes a huge difference. You may even find new things you love that don’t involve the internet at all!

Spend time with nature

Scientists have long discussed the positive effects of nature on humans. Even a simple as two plants in your apartment can make a difference. The chemicals they give off, and the inherently vibrant color really change the mood.

Make yourself a priority

It’s okay to put yourself first. If you are dealing with something, or need some time to think, that’s okay. If you are like most people, they have stressful moments in life. Rather than always trying to help everyone else, when you have those moments take time for you. You’ll never realize how far that will go to improving your happiness.

There you have it. Steps to begin your journey of being your happiest self. It’s not hard, but it takes time. Remember that you aren’t in this alone and there are always people that are willing to listen. You should be happy, so give this tips a chance and watch the transformation happen in your life!