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Which Fenben Is Right?

Which FENBEN® is right?

Are you confused as to which Happy Healing Fenben product to choose?

We completely understand.


You really can’t go wrong with any of the products.

All of our Fenben products are third-party lab tested to ensure they have the correct amount of fenben in them. We hire an independent USA registered lab to perform a Quantitative analysis using UPLC (Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography) against a lab standard of fenben purchased from Sigma-Aldrich.

In addition to this quantitative analysis, our Fenben products are tested to make sure they are clean and safe without harmful heavy metals, molds, or microbes. None of our competitors do this, but we do because we genuinely care.

We went to the expense of testing other Fenben products on the market with these methods and were shocked with the results. Many of the fenbendazole products actually have very little fenbendazole in them! With the exception of Merck brands like Panacur C and Happy Healing brands, others proved to be a far cry from what they claimed. We encourage our customers to test our Fenben products as well as others on the market and find the truth for themselves!

Below, we will discuss the three different preparations of Happy Healing Fenben.

FENBEN® Tablets

Happy Healing Fenben Tablets come in strengths of 222mg, 500mg or 750mg. All tablets weigh about 1 gram. The 222 mg tablets contain 222 mg of fenben with 778 mg of excipients. The 500mg tablets contain 500mg fenben and 500mg of excipients. The 750mg tablets contain 750 mg of fenben and 250mg of excipients. The excipients are: dextrin (derived from corn), starch (derived from corn), and magnesium stearate. The tablets are fat-soluble, meaning fat helps them break down. For proper utilization, it is best to break them up or crush them slightly.


Fenben Pure is the only legitimate 99%-100% pure pharmaceutical-grade fenben powder on the market. Others claim that they are 99% pure but they are not.

This is the most economical Fenben because you get approximately 225 servings per bottle. Each scoop (plastic scoop enclosed in bottle) is approximately 1/8 tsp and contains approximately 222 mg of pure fenben. Please note: for exact measurement, a milligram scale is needed.

Fenben by itself is completely anhydrous, meaning that it does not dissolve in water at all. If you were to put a scoop of it in plain water and stir vigorously, the product would remain completely dry and balled up on top of the water.

Fenben is fat-soluble. If you were to put a scoop in an ounce or two of oil and stir it, it would completely dissolve.

It is best to completely dissolve Fenben Pure before use.

As a general rule, anything that is water-soluble is quickly and readily absorbed, whereas anything fat-soluble will absorb slowly because it will first collect in the liver. The liver will then slowly change it to a water-soluble substance.

By dissolving Fenben Pure in oil, it remains fat-soluble. However, by adding approximately 10-20 drops of DMSO to Fenben Pure, it will become water-soluble and easily absorbed.


Fenben Bio is the newest version of fenben on the market. It is a 22% fenbendazol powder available in a bottle with a scoop or in pre-measured capsules.

Excipients in Fenben Bio are: Poloxymer 188, b-cyclodextrin and anhydrous glucose. These are all FDA approved excipients and together with fenben, they make it work deeper and faster. Fenben Bio does NOT need fat or DMSO to absorb.

Please note that the powder is bitter because of the excipients so capsules are often prefered.

For the powder, each scoop weighs approximately 1 gram and contains 222 mg of fenben and 778 mg of excipients. There are 50 grams or 50 servings per bottle.

For the capsules, 2 capsules weigh about 1 gram which again contains 222 mg of fenben and 778 mg of excipients. There are 90 capsules or 45 servings per bottle.

Differences between Fenben bio and Other fenbens

When looking at the different Fenben formulations they can be categorized as either fat soluble and slowly absorbing or water-soluble and fast-absorbing.

Fat Soluble / Slow Utilization / Extended Release:

Fenben Tablets

Fenben Pure dissolved in oil.

Water Soluble / Fast Utilization / Instant Release:

Fenben Bio

Fenben Pure dissolved in DMSO.

For the benefits of both an “instant release” and a “extended release” one would choose a formulation from each category.